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At Eficatia, we offer a wide range of consulting and advisory services for small entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Our goal is to help you improve and solve your business needs.

We help you sell more and better.​

Increase your sales and improve the profitability of your customers. Analyzing and studying how to sell is essential for the proper functioning of your business.

Financial Resources​

Get funds so that you business does not stop, grow and innovate. We search for you those sources of public-private financing more suitable for your project.

Improve your profitability

Improve your profitability, know what products and/or services are more profitable. take action to value those products or services less profitable and develop new products.

Collection and recovery management

Recover unpaid, enter your sales and adjust your payments. We negotiate for you recovery of your debts and we help you postpone your Payments.

Digitize your business

We accompany you in the business digitization. Communicate and sell online. We design your digital strategy to sell your product or service and that your business has web presence.

Select talent

We have experts in human Resources. Us we take care of your equipment more beyond the administration of staff. from selection until the implementation of a compensation system and benefits.

Eficatia wants to help you compete in the market, offering closeness, professionalism and personalization

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